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Our Services & Support

We have been in the field of hardware and networking from past 28 years. Each of our systems is configured, tested and maintained to the highest quality standard before delivery for rental.Besides quick delivery and service of qualified & trained service engineers, we provide support in terms of setting up of new business with LAN and UPS.

PC Rentals

The equipment is also maintained by us. Any issue in the hardware provided will be rectified by us.

Laptop Fabrication

Give your computer a new look by our fabrication services. What we can help you with - Panel Cracks, Broken hinges, Scratched Body starts at Just Rs. 750/-/p>

Hardware Solutions

We build computer tools and this allows you to take designs and turn them into functional products.

Tailor Made Services

Our hardware can be tailor made to meet your requirements. Be it a simple computer for web browsing on a computer workstation, every system can be customized just for you.

General Service for Computer and Desktop

Basic Laptop Cleaning, Motherboard and internals dust & clean, Format of Hard Drive (cleanup of temporary files)., Cooling element change.

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